Fab Habitat 6
Fab Habitat 6

Fab Habitat comes back to the market with their beautiful collections and outstanding designs of rugs. They have a fabulous, global and eco conscious line of home décor products which strongly adds value to homes everywhere and is capable to enrich the lives of the artisans who create them.

Their company works diligently to create beautiful and affordable products for your home décor while keeping the most important aspect of their mission in mind – reducing carbon footprint on the environment.
In spite of the many challenges that they have faced, they are committed to producing and delivering all of their products in the most environmentally-friendly manner to customers.

Fab Habitat 1
Fab Habitat 1

The company and its logo is the expression of their guiding principles of fair trade and responsibility for the environment.

Their Heritage Collection offers hand embroidered and hand dyed rugs, made from wool; with a cotton backing. These rugs will embark you on a journey to Kashmir where these captivating rugs come to life. Each rug is unique and the embroidery lends and impressive detail of floral patterns and array of vivid color that are surrounding the native region.
Their Costal Collection is now featuring the beautiful Barielly Palm Leaves totes. These Naturally beautiful totes deliver exceptional style, utility, and an unmatched durability. The totes body is made from handwoven sun dried palm fronds that have been given color using organic dye. This hand-made tote boasts comfortable leather shoulder straps for carrying with ease.
Fab Habitat is a company that continues to outgrow its potentiality, they have fabulous taste for everything they do, which is what exemplifies the company’s success and makes them bring a new set of items every market.
Suchin Gupta