Adonia Collection comprises of Peshawar rugs woven in north western province of Pakistan, Peshawar rugs can be described as Old Traditions incorporating modern elements into new Motif. Peshawar rugs are sometimes referred as chobi rugs, which a loose translation means “of wood” or of natural colors, tells a good deal about the look of these rugs as they often appear earthy in color tone. Adonia collection of Peshawar rugs is highly characterized by a thinly sheered pile, large print designs, and most predominant, their antique ivory and sometimes golden tones. Peshawar rugs are woven with Gazni wool, which is a very nice grade of wool known for both its durability and natural luster and sun dried vegetable dyes Our Peshawar rugs are washed, clipped, stretched, and finished within our facility in Lahore Pakistan and majority of our weavers are Afghani weavers.
Phil Gustafson 

Hand Made in 100% Wool