rnad 6.15 for the web (designer) Margaret Chambers Project - 6x4 What markets or design centers do you attend?

Since I live in Dallas, I go to the Design Center and the World Trade Center regularly. Every job is different, but most of my needs are met right here in Dallas.

How often do you buy a custom rug?

At least once or twice a month, primarily to make sure I get the correct size for the space. I do a lot in sisal with a binding, as it comes in many colors and patterns and holds up well. I want the space to be fresh and updated. I used to buy custom hand-hooked rugs but haven’t in a very long time. It depends a lot on what my client wants to spend and what their comfort level is. That is my priority.

What features are most important to you?

I really want natural materials—wool, cotton, and linen. I don’t like polyester, as there is an element of “fakeness” to it. I must say that I do like color, however. If the rug is patterned and colorful—and the floor is possibly hardwood—I will use softer, sometimes solid fabrics in the room to tie it all together and have a crisp look.

Do you have a favorite source for rugs?

Stark Carpet has some gorgeous rugs, many of which are custom. It all depends on the look that the clients want and what their budget is. It is really important to me that I get the look that they want for the home. I also go to Interior Resources and Truett Fine Carpets & Rugs in Dallas; they often use private labeling. Another company I like is Dash & Albert. They remain current and up-to-date and carry all wool and all cotton rugs. They’re not terribly expensive either. I really like to work within my client’s budget and stay within their comfort zone.


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