rnad 7.15 for te web diana 2nd designer SZW 2014 TR 002What markets do you attend?

I am fortunate to have many wonderful sources here in Houston, such as the Design Center and Decorative Center. However, I like to spread out my trips to markets across the country. I comb the market for the best options. I try to attend Atlanta market every three years and was lucky to include High Point Market twice in the last year. It is essential for my business to have an awareness of what is available.

Do you have a favorite source for rugs?

Yes, I have many local sources, and often trust the showrooms with significant stock such as Stark, Patterson, Flynn and Martin, and Kravet. As many clients research styles on the Internet I like to take them into a showroom to help them see the range of options to find the perfect rug.

Often it depends on the client. If the client is focused on a particular style, this allows me to draw on my training and experience to know where to look and preselect for the client. In Houston, unique rugs can be found at Carol Piper Rugs, Hokanson, fine antique rugs at Pride of Persia, and artistic, original designs at Post Modern Rugs. I was wowed by Azadi Fine Rugs in Scottsdale and love the variety of leather rugs found at Kyle Bunting, who takes hides to a new level.

Do you seek out “green” rugs?

I have many clients who ask for this because of their personal concerns, beliefs, or interests. Any rugs and other soft goods do hold dander, and the clients who have real issues with allergies are prone to ask for a washable solution. With the popularity of wood floors, bamboo, and other hard surface products replacing carpeting, clients discovered they needed to introduce rugs again and want easy care rugs. They understand the need to add something for defining an area and diminishing ambient noise.


Do you purchase many custom rugs?

Yes, for certain clients. It allows me to add personal art for them, to specify exactly the right balance of color, or capture a particular style and/or obtain a specific size. This is easier now than it was 20 years ago. However I prefer to strive for immediate gratification, without the long lead times needed. Today’s consumer, who has the means to acquire and patience to wait, will discover he can have a one of a kind item for themselves: attainable luxury.

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