June Trip: Sacramento, CA; Eureka, CA; Eugene, OR; Portland, OR; Seattle, WA; Spokane, WA; Missoula, WA; Arco, ID; Rock Springs, WY; Carbondale, CO; Aspen, CO; Twin Lakes, CO; Denver, CO; Salina, KS; Kansas City; St. Louis, MO; Nashville, TN; Chattanooga, TN; Asheville, NC.

July Trip: Atlanta, GA (AmericasMart); Louisville, KY; Chicago, IL; Detroit, MI; Cleveland, OH; New York City Area; New England on request.

August Trip: Tentatively laid out—there is “wiggle room” upon request.

Washington, DC; Wilmington, NC; Savannah, GA; Birmingham, AL; Mobile, AL; New Orleans, LA; Houston, TX; Dallas, TX; Either El Paso TX or Oklahoma City, OK; New Mexico; Arizona; San Diego, CA and then home to LA.



Change happens every day. When change happens, we all look for insight and help at how to best deal with change. The channels of rug distribution have changed. We first saw it in mail order catalogs, then mass merchants, then online. Now we see it at trade shows.

Rugs are sold in traditional rug stores, furniture stores, boutique stores, design firms, designers, gift stores and garden centers. Weaving Thru America is about getting out into the field visiting different sized cities and towns across the country. There are fifty states, we will be visiting twenty to twenty four of them.

WEAVING THRU AMERICA: the journey is about the person, the store, the family—those that sell rugs, however they sell rugs. We will be talking about the people behind the stores, behind the rugs—those that help people design their own lifestyle in their home. The story will be online.

I am personally interested in the American Story. The American Story of family business, small business, the brick and mortar stores that built this country. Every community is different yet similar. Every store is different but shares a bond—the bond of being part of a community. Rugs are for the home. They fill our lives with warmth, style, a lifestyle to each individual.

Last month, my brother walked into a garden center and found rugs. He was not looking for rugs, he was looking for plants for his garden. Yet, there they were—you can read about it in our May issue online. I had been planning Weaving Thru America for the same reason he was excited by what he found—rugs are everywhere. The shift in the rug industry happened, is happening.

The best way to experience the change is to see the change, be a part of the change, and share it with those who are part of the change. To visit rug retail stores, furniture stores, gift stores, and garden centers across America is a big undertaking.

In the month of June, my (almost) four year old son and I will start. In one month alone, we will drive 4,500 miles, visit 10 states and 23 cities. In each city we visit, the goal is to get a sense of the community, the types of fashion/lifestyle of the area, and talk to those who promote the selling of rugs.

A little about the how: we are packing up our ‘98 Mercedes wagon with a roof top tent and a trailer to transport our El Munda Yuba Electric Bicycle. We drive between cities and then bicycle within the city. It is hard to see a place from the inside of a car. We will stay at KOAs along the way. In addition to driving, meeting people, and sightseeing, I will be working on the July, August and September is- sues of Rug News andDesign and attending AmericasMart, while on the road. If you want to follow more than just the business side of this journey, you can go to my personal blog at www.wifemotherdaughterself.com, I am also on Instagram.

Think of us as old school salesmen with new school techniques, whose only goal is to write about you, the retailer—to share your stories and learn from you.

Be a part of the journey – email us if we are driving through your town.

Follow the journey! #weavingthruamerica

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