rnad 5.15 for the web garcia-R1-E001What design centers or markets do you attend?

I frequent the Arizona Design Center, Pacific Design Center, San Francisco’s Galleria, New York D&D, and Minneapolis Market Square. As for markets, I try to make yearly visits to High Point, Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas.

Do you have a favorite source of rugs?

I have many different dealers that I rely on to materialize my visions: David E. Adler, Azadi Fine Rugs, Michaelian & Kohlberg, Driscoll Robbins, Jalili International Rugs, Underfoot, Floors at ADC and a few others. I have worked with them for many years; they know my design vision, requirements and needs.

When do you begin consideration of a rug?

It all depends on my vision of a room and whether or not I have come across an already woven rug that suits that vision. If I find that “unique” rug I am looking for, I move forward with my design. However that is rarely the case.  If you look at the rooms I have designed, you will see a high-level of customization in many items.  So it’s no surprise that I often find myself designing my rugs and that occurs in the very early stages of a project.

Do you shop online for rugs?

Undoubtedly, I use the Internet to find different sources for many items.  However, when it comes to rugs and specifically custom rugs, I use the Internet “selectively.”  I’m online discussing details about my drawings and how they are being followed or whether or not a pom matches a color I am looking for. We check on the status of strike-offs, etc. However, I still need to touch and feel a rug or strike-off with my hands. I am not just monitoring my design vision, but watching out for my clients’ investments.


Do you have a favorite style of rug?

This is a very hard question! I’m lucky to live in beautiful Arizona where I find Navajo rugs that mesmerize me in their exquisite simplicity of color and pattern; their lines and muted hues can be so contemporary. Tribal rugs from the Southwest and Southeast of the Caspian Sea cast a spell on me. I cherish the playful delicacy of an Aubusson.  I love contemporary rugs and the range of design I can achieve today by using the same wool, silk and techniques these weavers and their ancestors have been using for hundreds of years.

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