rnad 5.15 for the web designer 2cruisers bluffWhat markets & design centers do you attend?

We often attend the Las Vegas Market due to the proximity of the market to Phoenix, it’s easy to get there quickly. We also attend West Week in LA, since we are from Los Angeles and shop quite a bit in LA, Pacific Design Center and Design on Melrose. We also attend markets in North Carolina, but not that often because all the major companies are at the Vegas Market and also it’s more hip!

Do you have a favorite source for rugs?

Depends on the look we are going for and what our budget is! Can be all over the board, but we use Feizy Rugs, Loloi, and Surya for off the shelf quick ship and for budget conscious pieces. We custom make rugs often from Decorative Carpets in LA, as well as Underfoot in Scottsdale.

At what point in your projects do you begin considering the rug?

Again it depends on the budget and time frame. If we have the time, we will custom order from the very beginning of the project after we know sizes, layout, style and colors. We love to order custom, but time frames are an issue so if we have the time we will do so, if not we have to buy locally or off the shelf.

We do purchase fine rugs as well. So if our budget permits we often buy from Azadi Fine Rugs in Scottsdale.  Azadi is awesome; and we love them, they will do anything for us. They represent all levels, styles, and ages of fine rugs from Nepal, India, Pakistan, France, et cetera.


Do you shop online or use the Internet often?

Ugh! If at all possible, no! Unless it is a vendor we have worked with, and if we are positive of the colors, quality and pattern. It can be an absolute nightmare, if you aren’t sure of what you are getting!

Do you have a favorite style of rug?

My favorite is really a silk rug of any style, but personally I do love a transitional style with pattern and tone on tone or a bit of contrast!  I am a sucker for a rug with a little sheen! I love anything glamorous, and if the rug fits my idea of sparkle you can bet it will be in my designs!

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