rnad 4.15 2nd desinger for th web photo 311_bellerieve01What markets or design centers do you attend regularly?

I attend local markets and Design Centers, such as KDR and D&D. I used to go to Chicago market but haven’t lately.

Do you have favorite sources for buying rugs?

It depends on the caliber of rug, there are many qualities of rugs. I use Oriental Weavers and Davis & Davis for some. I use Masland quite a bit. I buy locally when possible.

Do you have a favorite style of area rug?

My specialty is the Psychology of Interior Design. I create surroundings for my clients that fit their taste, needs and budget. As a professional designer I do not impose my personal style but offer my clients my creative ideas and choose what works for their projects. I give seminars on the Psychology of Interior Design.

Do you buy custom rugs?

Yes, I often turn to Masland for custom, as they do a beautiful job in carving and can create the size and color I want for the job.


What about hand knotted rugs?

Yes, I buy hand knotted rugs locally. Tufenkian is a favorite of mine.

Do you use the Internet often?

I do research products on the Trade Only sites.

Want to see more? Go to  www.totalinteriordesignsinc.com