rnad 4.15 desinger one for the web photo Vinnette Living - CopyWhat markets do you attend regularly?

Well, our firm is located near Cleveland, Ohio and our nearest Design Center is the Ohio Design Center. I spend a lot of time there and find it a great resource for many of my projects. Additionally, I visit High Point Furniture market, NeoCon in Chicago and also the Atlanta Gift & Furniture Markets on a regular basis. All markets provide a variety of resources for any of my projects.

Do you have a favorite source for buying rugs?

The rug companies that I use currently are Lapchi, Surya and Tufenkian.
As you know, all projects are different so I try to keep a variety of resources available to my clients.

Do you have a favorite style of area rug?

Not necessarily. As a designer, I try to keep my mind open to all possibilities for my clients. I always have their best interests in my mind, so I always show the best possible solutions for any project. I usually give a selection for the client to pick from. I won’t let them choose incorrectly, but I don’t force them to purchase something they don’t love either.

Do you buy many custom rugs? Or how about hand knotted rugs?

Yes, I have purchased both in the past.


If you have a rug question, where or to whom do you turn?

I always use my vendors and the rug websites for questions. I do sometimes call the rug company direct for technical support if needed.

Do you use the Internet for learning or buying your rugs?

Not necessarily. I feel that rugs are a product that you need to see and touch in person. The quality is very important to me, so I spend a lot of time getting to know the company and sales rep.

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