rnad 3.15 for thr web designer Stephen Lloydphoto0001KXWhat markets or design centers do you  attend regularly?

Merchandise Mart, Chicago, IL
Design Center of the Americas (DCOTA), Dania Beach, FL
South Florida Design Park, Hollywood, FL

Do you buy many rugs online?

Not many, but when we do, we sometimes use Rugs Direct.com.

What is of utmost importance to you when choosing the rug?

So many variables have to come together in choosing a rug, content, design, size, etc., but if I had to pick just one thing, then it would have to be design. Otherwise you need to be sure you are being practical and find a design that suits your clients. For instance if it is a family with young kids, it is of utmost importance that the rug suits their lifestyle and wears well. That might not be needed for someone who has no children.

Do you have a favorite source for buying your rugs?

Currently, our favorite source is Patterson, Flynn & Martin.  They are always helpful, not only in getting you samples, but also when and if a problem arises, they are on top of the situation from start to installation and beyond, if necessary. Customer Service is extremely important to us and our customers.


Do you buy many custom rugs?

Not in today’s market. In past years, we did many custom rugs with Edward Fields, Stark Carpet and Patterson, Flynn & Martin. Also, in our current economic climate and the Internet, most customers are very concerned with getting the best price possible in whatever they are choosing.  Most custom rugs are just not economically feasible in this market.

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