Brune Downtown CondoWhat markets do you attend regularly?

We tend to use the Merchandise Mart and the Arlington Heights Design Centers the most, but we also frequent the Design Centers in various areas when traveling.
We attend most of the Chicago Markets (like NeoCon and SoFa) and try to get to High Point each year as well.

Do you buy many rugs online?

We like to buy rugs directly with our rug vendors, we often design custom rugs and specify custom colors or sizes. When working with our rug dealers it is wonderful to be able to bring rugs into the client’s space and see how it works with their furniture and fabrics.

What is the utmost importance to you when choosing the rug?

A rug is a very important part of the design that will anchor the whole space. It’s often called the most important piece in a room. Whether it has many colors to pull a room together or has a subtle silky stria that helps to give an elegant touch, it is a design element that you want to factor in from the beginning stages of design. We have terrific rug dealers, who will deliver rugs for us at the client’s space or to our studio for design decisions. We appreciate the ability to customize rugs. To be able to choose colors based on our palette and customize the size based on the space is a key in the design process. The quality and cost is always a factor, but we look for beautiful quality in every rug.

Do you have a favorite source for buying your rugs?

We enjoy working with several vendors and showrooms: Julie Dasher, Oscar Isberian Rugs, Davis and Davis, Kravet and Stark to name a few.


Do you buy many custom rugs?

We specify custom rugs for a variety of reasons.  The size and coloration are a large factor in ordering for our clients. We like each client to have a unique space that feels perfect for them. It is so important for a rug to fit a space properly. There are many measures taken to be assured that the rug will fit correctly for the needs of clients. We like to have the ability to pick the pom colors and have a strike-off made so that the client can see a sample of what it will look like prior to receiving the final product.

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