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What markets do you attend regularly?

I go primarily to the High Point market and to Atlanta, as I consider those two the major markets.

Do you have a favorite source for buying your rugs?

Yes, I like Landry & Arcari Rugs with three locations—in Boston, Framingham, and Salem. They offer me great service and a wide selection.

Do you have a favorite style or fiber of rug?

I very much prefer the Persian/Oriental/Classical rugs in wool. Landry & Arcari allow me to take them to my clients‘ home and try them out, to see them in the space and light of the room.

What feature in the rug is most important  to you?

Size is of the utmost importance to me. I don’t have any particular rule that I follow, but I like the rug to unify the room or space. It should NOT be too small or look skimpy.  In the dining room, it is important that all the legs of the dining chairs are on the rug even when they are pulled away from the table.


Do you purchase many custom rugs?

No, not often. One joy I have is seeing the full rug in the spaces and having instant gratification. I find it rare that the client will allow me to have a vision of a rug and than make a cartoon of it and wait for it to be produced. In fact I usually start with the rug and coordinate the look of the room from this as the foundation, which is the rug.

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