Stopped in to say hi at the OBEETEE space. The lines they are showing are painterly, bold, and one was washed to give it a golden hue that we haven’t seen elsewhere, they all felt and looked wonderful.

Rohit Nigam, Senior Executive Officer – Marketing, seen below was great walking us through the lines. Focusing on their hand knotted rugs.

Domotex 2015 OBEETEE - _6102586

The details of one rug shows starts to show how the dye and wash intereact to give the carpet a gold shimmer.Domotex 2015 OBEETEE - _6102584


Domotex 2015 OBEETEE - IMG_4985

Domotex 2015 OBEETEE - IMG_4989

Domotex 2015 OBEETEE - IMG_4984