Rug News andDesign stopped in at the huge Oriental Weavers area at Domotex 2015 in Hannover on Sunday. Right from the beginning we knew this was a different kind of experience. As you can see from the photos ahead, Oriental Weavers is busy, and is showing just how creative they are with machine made rugs.
Domotex 2015 - _6102571


We also had a chance to see the America’s Magnificent Carpet Award fresh from Atlanta prominently displayed.



Domotex 2015 - _6102555

Domotex 2015 - _6102572

One of the most exciting carpets we saw was the one above. Not only are the colors bold, but the geometric pattern that Oriental Weavers is able to execute on the machine using pile heights to differentiate the colorblocks is stunning.

One of the big surprises for everyone at DOMOTEX is the success of bold colors this year, and not just in Europe but everywhere including the States.

Domotex 2015 - _6102563

Domotex 2015 - _6102562

Domotex 2015 - _6102561

Domotex 2015 - _6102564

Domotex 2015 - _6102566

The 2 carpets in the image below are part of Oriental Weavers’ outdoor collection. OW said they were surprised by how it’s being used in houses as a layering piece inside as often as outside.

Domotex 2015 - _6102556

The images below should give you a sense of just how massive OW’s space really was, and there were two other spaces in addition to these for their outdoor operations.

Domotex 2015 - _6102558

Domotex 2015 - _6102559

Domotex 2015 - _6102570