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Detail of Man Made Rug

So we love that people follow Rug News and Design in print, online at, and on instagram. Deepak Khanna of Man Made rugs is just such a person.

He has “liked” most of what he has seen posted by us on instagram. Deepak didn’t tell us to come to his space at DOMOTEX, it was a happy coincidence. We were wondering around the halls looking for interesting new trends and had noticed Man Made a couple of times.

When a firm is selling We don’t like to intrude, they make money with buyers not reporters. Finally we saw that his space was momentarily empty and we requested permission to take a few pictures of their rugs. Deepak pulls out his phone and says we need to see something, before we can think of how Rug News andDesign might have made an error online, he shows me that he has been following Rug News and Design throughout the show and in Atlanta last week.

Well thank you Deepak for following us, your carpets are what drew us in, but your hospitality is what made this a high point of the show for us.


So the carpets are beautiful there are two lines the one on the left uses sari silk and wool, while the ones on the right are using a bamboo silk with wool, to create different textures. The designs themselves are bold. Deepak says that the bright sari silk has been a crowd pleaser especially in the United States.
(Editorial Note: There wasn’t a wall not covered in sold labels for a photo)

Domotex 2015 Man Made
Deepak Khanna at Man Made at DOMOTEX 2015 is a follower of rugnewsanddesign on instagram


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