Kashee and Brothers took home the award for the Hand knotted/flat weave $30.01-50 per sq.ft. category.



With the Khotan design, Kashee and Brothers offers a khotan weave rug, white washed antique production. These rugs are made of Ghazni wool and are 100% hand knotted, vegetable died and hand spun wool rugs from Pakistan.




For two generations, the KASHEE family has been involved in the international carpet trade. In 1981, Kashee & Sons Inc., as it is know today, was established in our home country Pakistan. In 1997, we eagerly came to United States to share our culture with the American public through our love of exquisite, handmade are rugs.

Kashee & Sons enthusiastically addresses the ever-changing demands and desires of the marketplace, resulting in a constantly evolving collection of masterpieces suitable for the most discriminating buyers. Maintaining this leading edge of development results from the efforts of hundreds of workers sharing a common goal–industry leadership.

Currently they  are one of the biggest suppliers of Pakistani rugs in the USA, and the biggest growing strength for USA retailers.

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