Do you have a favorite source for your rugs?

We like working with Surya, because they have a wide variety of styles and colors of rugs. They have great flatweave rugs that work for kids’ rooms and outdoor areas, because they are inexpensive and durable. We also like Saddlemans for their unique hair-on-hide rugs and Merida for their custom-sizing and sisal products.

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What markets and design centers do you frequent?

We go to market in Atlanta, High Point and the New York International Gift Fair. We also frequently visit ADAC Atlanta to pull fabrics for jobs that we are working on.

Do you have a favorite style or fiber of rug?

We love using sisal area rugs mixed with an accent rug, such as a hide or an over-dyed rug.

Do you buy many custom rugs?

Yes we often order custom rugs for our clients, so we can get the exact size we need.  We order one-of-a-kind pieces, so our clients can have a unique piece they won’t see in anyone else’s home.


Do you shop online, use catalogs or work with salesmen?

We mostly search our vendors’ catalogs online and order corner samples to see the exact color and style in person.  We often schedule meetings with reps to come in and show us their latest products, which helps us to be able to do the same for our clients.


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