Niraj is a boy who has been studying at our Guria School since 2011.   He is a very bright boy and achieved 93% in the entrance exam to enter our Guria Middle School.

All the children in Project Mala schools come from poor families, but Niraj is on the lower scale.  He became an orphan when he was four, as his mother and father both died within six months of one another.  Niraj became dependent on his grandparents and his two uncles.  The eldest of his uncles was very greedy and cruel.  He took the few possessions that his parents had  left to Niraj and often beat him.  One day his uncle was about to beat him with a hatchet, but other members of the family stopped him.  When his grandfather heard of this he took Niraj to live with him.  However, bad luck still followed Niraj as, not long after, his grandfather also died and he now has only his grandmother to look after him.

Although Niraj has suffered more than most, he is a happy boy and excels in his studies.  His favourite subjects are maths and science and he hopes to be an engineer when he grows up.


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