Do you have a favorite source?

We have several favorite sources. They all offer beautiful products in an endless array of options: Carpet Boutique, Bay Harbor Rug Gallery, Rugs By Zhaleh, and retailers, such as Anima Domus, Addison House, Scan Design, and Artefacto are some of our favorites.

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What is the most important feature to you in a rug?

On an individual basis, the most important feature in a rug is how it visually unifies a grouping of furniture. It is a visual platform that connects each piece in a cohesive fashion, while adding warmth and color to the space.

Do you buy custom often?

When we consider a custom rug, it usually has to do with the size and color of the area rug, such as a little girl’s room we designed. In this case, since we were working with specific colors, it was appropriate to select certain color shades for the area rug that were reminiscent of the wallpaper, bedding, and furnishings. However, for the master bedroom area rug (picture shown above), it was important to go with a custom size due to the size of the room. The color and texture were available for this area rug.

How important is fashion to you in buying a rug?

Good fashion should withstand the test of time. We believe in this approach when it comes to selecting area rugs, furnishings, and accessories for our clients.


Do you have a favorite style or fiber?

The selection of style and fiber should be appropriate to the use and the space that the area rug is being installed. I personally prefer the cut and loop style quite often, because it gives the appearance of a two tone color, and adds a certain air of luxuriousness to any space.

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