More Mala children win places at elite schools

Aman, Ravikant and Arjun going to Navodaya Varanasi

Before Mukesh Dubey became our Headmaster, we never had a  single child that won a place in an elite school.  Mukesh pushes the children to try for places in these schools, where they can specialize and reach their full potential.  It is hard to over emphasize what these children have achieved against such fierce competition for places.

Rahul, Sandeepa and Surajmal going to Navodaya Mirzapur

We now have 14 children at Navodaya (special Government boarding schools for gifted children) with 6 children winning places this year.  Three are going to Navodaya Varanasi and three to Navodaya Mirzapur.

Anand & Shalikram

Two children, Anand & Shalikram, have qualified for a Government college, where they will study for three years to become junior engineers and another two (Sandeep and Sanjay) have been accepted to the Government Inter College in Allahabad where they will study maths, physics, chemistry, Hindi and English.



More impressive is that this year, two of our middle school children have won places to the Central Hindu School, which is a school set up by the Banaras Hindu University for the children of staff.  There are very few places in this college for outsiders, so to get two of our children winning places is a massive achievement.  Sakshi and Rinku will be studying alongside children of professors and lecturers at the University so it will be an academic and cultural challenge for them.


The fees are small but the children will have to board and the boarding fees are £50 per month. Sakshi is sponsored, but we are looking for someone to sponsor Rinku.  He comes from a large, very poor family.  His father was planning to send him to work after grade 10, but as he has done so well his father is now allowing him to continue his education.

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