What markets do you attend?rnad 10.14 stephanie desingr Entrypin

I have gone to the Dallas Market but try to go to NeoCon in Chicago at least every other year. It is my favorite market to attend. I have always meant to get to High Point, but so far have not made it there.

Do you have a favorite source for buying your rugs?

I buy primarily from Maximilian International Showrooms on Oak Street here in New Orleans, as he has a large selection from which to choose and offers good service. I really enjoy working with him; he will order pieces for me. He does have quite a few modern rugs, which is certainly my preference. New Orleans, of course is very traditional, so the more contemporary dealers are hard to find.

Do you have a favorite style?

Yes, I definitely like modern rugs, ones with bold large patterns.
Do you buy custom rugs often? No, I really don’t. I would like to, but just don’t have time to oversee the design and manufacturing process.

Do you shop online?

Yes I do quite often. As an architect, I don’t have the time to comparison shop at showrooms, and the internet makes it easy to see what is available globally. I have used  Modernrugs.com to purchase at times.  Modern rugs are hard to find in New Orleans as the market is geared toward traditional clientele that like muted colors.   I do not like to use synthetic rugs as I find wool and silk rugs to wear exceptionally well. I also pay close attention to environmental concerns like where and how it was produced.


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