Do you have a favorite source for buying your rugs? rnad 8.14 jillary white bedroom

I love Edward Fields rugs. I use them in every project. The company is iconic, and their rugs resonate with me. They always have a wonderful selection, and I also find it very easy and inspiring to customize rugs with them.

What design centers and markets do you usually attend?

I attended High Point Market this year, and I constantly visit the D&D Building, A&D Building, The Design Center at 200 Lexington, as well as the amazing independent showrooms and shops around the city. The markets show the latest in trends and the design buildings are convenient and have great fabrics and furniture. I also love shopping in antique stores for both inspiration and client projects.

What feature in the rug is most important to you?

The most important feature in a rug to me is the thickness and height of the pile. I seem to gravitate toward lower piles, either cut or loop.A rug has to have a certain ‘hand’ or ‘feel’ to it. There has to be a good mix between texture, color and quality. A rug is extremely special. I have to fall in love with a rug in order to show it to a client. A rug can make-or-break the room. Also, a rug has to have ‘light’ to it. So many rugs look dull, and I would never consider them. A rug might look nice hanging in the store or in the showroom, but once you put it down on the floor, the light hits it differently and it changes. It is important to really look at it and make sure it has ‘life’ to it, because a rug is like a piece of art.

How often do you purchase a custom rug?

Most of my clients use custom rugs, so I am constantly purchasing them. The rug has to work with the scheme of the room, in both design and color. Most times I will find a pattern or texture that I like, but the color has to be specific to the scheme, and therefore, I custom the color.


Do you have any favorite style or fiber of area rug?

I have a few favorites that include Kilims, anything with banana silk in it, and also all-silk rugs. I like the hand tufted gradation techniques.

Are there any design rules you specifically like to follow or specifically like to break?

Yes, all of them! Seriously, though, I do break the ‘rule’ of always having furniture sit on the rug. I actually like it sometimes when there is space around the rug, either under the bed or with back sofa legs off the rug. Of course, I love designing rooms with large rugs where all the furniture is on it as well.

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