Do you have a favorite source for buying your rugs? rnad 7.14 designer for the web 1 2 Knudson-Kuikawa3-1233

If time allows we prefer to custom design and order rugs for our projects. Our preferred vendors are Indich Collection in Hawaii and Endless Knot in California.
Both companies fabricate high quality rugs, have great in-house designs and assist us in custom design and fabrication.

Do you shop online, use salesmen or use catalogs often?

We prefer to purchase through our salesmen versus online. We have found there is too much color variation between the online images and the actual rug. We have offices in Las Vegas and Hawaii and ongoing projects in multiple states. Having a relationship with representatives helps us maintain the quality for our clients.

What feature in the rug is most important?

Quality of fabrication and design is the most important elements of our rugs. A beautiful rug not only acts as an anchor for a room but can also become the focal point.

How do you choose your colors?  

We create a color palette for the project and design or select rugs based on the color scheme. Maintaining the colors helps to create a continuity and flow through the house.


Any suggestions you would like to make?

Our biggest challenge is lead times when ordering custom rugs. If manufacturers could reduce lead times, it would be extremely beneficial.

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