What markets or design centers do you attend regularly?rnad 6.14 for the web 1 jason P2050034

I go hunting for pieces all over Atlanta, my home state of Arkansas when I am visiting, and also online. Stark Carpets and Moattar Ltd. at ADAC are always a great source for rugs. I also like to branch out and visit local furniture showrooms and flea markets on a regular basis. Context Gallery downtown has many of the mid-century modern furniture classics, as well as newly designed pieces and wonderful contemporary and classic rug options. For one of a kind vintage furniture, accessories, and rugs, I love visiting City Issue in Inman Park. The owner Jennifer is an expert on vintage pieces from the mid 20th century and has many one-of-a-kind truly recycled pieces from which to choose.


Do you have a favorite source for buying your rugs?  If so, why?

Verde Home, on the west side of Atlanta, is currently my main rug source. Kent, Paul, and Laura are wonderful to work with and very educated about rug construction and the many different rug fabrication processes. They have many rug selections sourced from all over the world and deal in both new and vintage furniture pieces and rugs. Their knowledge on rugs is a resource that I value greatly.

What feature in the rug is most important to you?

The location, design aesthetic, and budget play a major role in my initial selections. With these factors in mind, I know where I need to do my research typically.  This seems to have always been a constant throughout my design career.


How often do you purchase a custom rug?

First and foremost a custom rug depends on the size needed. The second factor depends on what my client and I are trying to achieve aesthetically pertaining to color palette and the overall design concept of the space. The function and location play a vital role as well.

Are there any suggestions you would like to make to rug dealers?

I find that when a dealer has a large variety of color options, varying rug types, a range of pricing
and size options that my selection process is very smooth. I know that not one location can typically supply all of these requirements, so I feel fortunate to have multiple dealers with their own unique
product. I have learned over the years where I
need to look for certain rugs as with any integral
furniture piece.

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