ART in bLOOM, the exhibit curated by Peter Pap, at Kentshire Galleries comes to New York City as a part of Asia Week. The pieces on display and for sale are all from American private collections and are all newly introduced to the market. Most all of the items are from the 19th Century, but one piece from the 16th, a Ming Dynasty fragment, undoubtedly of an originally massive, palace-size carpet.


This lavish Shirvan from 19th Century Caucasus strikes you upon entering the room. It is a carpet made into a lush indoor garden woven of flowers.



Also, this amazing piece, a saddle cover from the late 19th Century, bears an entire rose garden all in red on a background of indigo, cerulean and fresh green. Clearly, this creation was made with thought and care.


This Quashqai is another treasure from the display, covered in delightful animal and bird figures arranged among trees in highly detailed jewel tones gold, carnelian and sapphire.


It was a real treat for me to see a concentration of quality and artistry in carpets all at once. Perhaps a little overwhelming as well, since my intelligence in this field is indeed not that of an expert and certainly overshadowed by my intense appreciation. Still, it is reassuring to see such a generous, kind and knowledgeable sentinel of this art form in Peter Pap and his Company. The exhibit is still available to view online at