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Yes, a wonderful third generation family-owned local business in Seattle is Pande Cameron of Seattle. The people at Pande Cameron of Seattle really know their products, work directly with the manufacturers and weavers, as well as working with designers to create beautiful high quality bespoke rugs. Several years back we worked together to create custom stair runner and landing rugs for a $5 million home. Once we had the cartoon of the rug pattern approved by the owner, Pande Cameron had a series of strike offs made.  To ensure the color, texture and the wash of the finished product,  they sent their own representative with my fabric swatches in hand to guarantee the color rendition and finish would be perfect.  In addition I am loyal because of their consistent service and because they offer clients a ‘try it in your home’ program for their rugs. Not only that, the cleaning and repair work they do is bar none.

What feature/features in the rug is most important to you?

I like high quality rugs that have depth in the pattern, fine knotting and a quality wool fiber alongside excellent silk fibers. I love hand woven wool rugs with accents of silk.  Both fibers have inherent qualities that produce a truly outstanding rug. The long stables of wool, with its natural crimp, withstand crushing–while the deep reflective qualities of the silk make for a beautiful marriage of wear and depth. Both wool and silk dye well, can come in a rainbow of colors, and withstand use for years and years of enjoyment.

How often do you purchase a custom rug ?

Every project if the clients have the budget! The picture shown has custom wall- to-wall rugs woven in silk and wool. I had one done for myself two years ago, a 36’ runner for my main hallway. It took 6 months to weave, so the whole process from the beginning to end was about 9 months.  My home is full of rugs, which I showcase to my clients.  I own three cats and two large dogs. They use the rugs as much if not more than I do, and they never smell and always clean up fantastically.

Do you have any suggestions for your dealers?

Absolutely.  Make it worthwhile for the designers to sell your rugs.  I have personally sold a lot of rugs, but I choose to work with dealers who give me 30% discount off the retail price. The client can review the retail tag which they might pay, but I get a discount because I have the lead, the expertise to sell the rug, and the dealer provides the back-up service. It has always been that the clients come back later and invest even more in fine area rugs, once they have had the opportunity to have one in their home to enjoy.


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