I have never seen a happier bunch of school children, ever. They wanted to learn. They were smiling. I visited three schools and saw the same thing—happy children.

Care & Fair helps over 2,500 students a year. They also help women through the Women Empowerment Clinics. Most of these women have moved to the area due to marriage. This would be their first form of basic education. They are also learning a skill—sewing. They learn to make clothing. They make the school uniforms and are paid for this work. They make purses, doll clothing and stuffed animals. We picked up six animals. HBT just had to share them with his DC cousins.

Childhood is precious. The staff at Care & Fair know this. They are doing an incredible job of nurturing their minds. The parents of these children are poor. They work hard to provide for their families. They made the choice that an educated child is better for the family in the long run than an uneducated child working at home—a very different approach than even a generation ago.


The video, well it sums up what I saw. Care & Fair is just one of the many schools I have visited. I am still in awe and processing all that I have seen. As one Indian woman said, “it brings me such joy in my heart, to see young girls walking off to school everyday.”