After 4 days of travel, LA -> NYC, NYC->Delhi, Delhi->Jaipur, we finally arrived at Jaipur Rugs, the first stop on our month long journey. I began by learning the different categories of rugs and division within said categories. The ladies at Jaipur Rugs showed me and taught me a lot.

While I have learned from each of you at trade shows and from my father, in truth there was nothing better than seeing the variety of rug types right in front of me. I am currently writing up my experience and will post my rug education later with pictures. My apologies for not posting now, the four days of travel with my son finally caught up with me.

One of the goals is to not only verbally talk about the type of rugs but to visually show the steps.

EYE AM THE RUG INDUSTRY personal story Day 1- My son’s take on the Rug warehouse.





The staff at Jaipur Rugs were very kind to allow my son to climb the rugs. I remember doing the same when I was slightly older then him. Maybe this is how you fall in love with rugs.

My plan is to post the day’s lessons at the end of every day. Much of what I post is only the beginning of the conversation. When you read, if you have questions or thoughts, please leave them in the comments. From there I can expand and collect more information.

Today, Saturday, we are off to a rug village.

Look out for upcoming posts on both the categories of rugs and the rug village.

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