What markets or design centers do you attend regularly?rnad 1.14 for the web 1 Laura-Lee-Interiors_4 clover_entry

My firm often goes to San Francisco Design center. We also use a wholesale rep in Walnut Creek that specializes in custom rugs and upper end wall-to-wall carpet.

What feature in the rugs is most important to you?

One of the most important considerations for a rug is the color. It can be the largest focal point of the room design that pulls everything together. The colors in the rug should link to the color palettes of the room design.
The other most important feature is style or pattern. Be it contemporary or traditional it often reflects the client’s tastes or personality. When mixing different styles together they should be linked with color in mind. The last feature is texture. A funky shag rug can draw you right into a room. Texture in a rug always adds warmth to your room design.

Do you specialize in any one area of design?

Laura Lee specializes in mostly residential design. Most of the jobs that our firm does includes some kind of transition of flooring.  Be it new carpet, wood or area rugs they seem to be implemented in most jobs.

Do you buy custom rugs often?

Custom rugs are a great option if the budget of the job calls for it. It creates even a more personalized space for your client and allows you to choose the right color, design and texture for your project.


Do you have a favorite fiber or perhaps style of rug?

There are so many different styles and applications to where your area rug will go. These are considerations to choosing the right fiber.  Wool of course is very luxurious and elegant. It is the most resistant to crushing and gives a soft feel underfoot. When silk is mixed with wool it gives an even more exquisite look and texture to the rug. It is one of our favorites for completing a room design.

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