rnad 1.14 Jamie designer 1 for the web4-DR&Hall-AccessWhat markets or design centers do you attend regularly?

I can be found searching for the right rug or piece of furniture for my client very often at the San Francisco Design Center.  It’s conveniently located in the SOMA district of San Francisco.

What feature in the rugs is most important to you?

In today’s market, it seems no matter what the budget—quality and value need to go hand in hand. From a design standpoint, the available patterns, colors and size options are important and I’ve found that the custom approach is very often the best route to take, given a specific room size or shape.

Do you specialize in any one area of design?

I tend to work on a lot of new construction, collaborating with architects from the ground up. In the last 10 years I’ve found a lot of that work has been focused on “Aging in Place” or “Full Accessibliity” (basically same requirements for both). For several large projects (homes over 25,000 square feet), I’ve addressed these needs with custom rugs (and also broadloom) with the traditional border of stone or wood around the room perimeter, then an inset well for the rug to be installed somewhat flush (approx 1/4”) above the perimeter hard surface border. See photos for examples of rug insets. This gives the luxurious look both the client and I want, plus the added feature of a very smooth transition from hard surface flooring to rug, for wheelchair or walker use. For these types of areas, the traditional area rug sitting on top of the floor will not work, and wall to wall carpet does not provide the upscale look and feel my clients like.

Do you buy custom rugs often?

For the custom rugs, I work with Edward Fields on designing the rugs. For broadloom rugs I generally purchase from Stark. There is the occasional child’s room or a family room that needs to be dog/children-friendly, so for those areas I’ve used off the shelf area rugs from retailers such as Crate and Barrel (these are generally used in areas that as the children grow up, we’ll upgrade to a better quality rug) or have created my own rugs using carpet tiles from FLOR.


Do you have a favorite fiber or perhaps style of rug?

I still prefer to use wool. Over the long run, it wears and cleans the best. Edward Fields has a very dense and tightly looped rug quality called “TapisWeave.” This is really good for dining rooms, where chairs need to move easily across the rug. This is also the quality I always use for those areas with wheelchairs. Don’t need to worry about the wheelchair being slowed down by sinking into the rug when using “TapisWeave.”

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