India Oversees comes back strong to the market with a large number of newly designed and re-designed rugs offering a variety of textures and materials. Each rug designs correctly depicts the company’s core values of creating designs that are timeless, functional and fashionable. Each of their seasonal additions emphasize texture and color trends. All of our products are made from natural, eco-friendly materials, using time honored traditional techniques.

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With the Bristol Collection they 4 color palettes  in 100% cotton hand-woven rugs from India. These rugs are available in various sizes.

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The Cobblestone Collection offers 3 color palettes and 2 sizes, in rugs made of a 100% cotton hand-woven tight construction, with single warp tighters made in India.

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The Casablanca Collection brings a heavy rag with full tight woven cotton yarns, from India, bringing nice texture to any decor.

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The Portico Collection provides a hand woven rugs of 100% cotton with shaneel yarn with rag detailing.

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The Shag with Shaneel and Kaleidoscope Collection brings incredible textured collection that offers bright color palettes. The textures and designs are created from the woven materials throughout the rugs.

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Finally the Livingstone brings 3 color waves of shaneel and cotton blend handcrafted rugs.