Area Rugs Economy – Ending child labor, Earth Friendly Fibers, Health and indoor air quality

RevitaRUGS™ Announces its Annual Participation in AmericasMart, the Leading International Source for Consumer Goods

RevitaRUGS will be participating in The Atlanta International Area Rug Market® featuring the National Oriental Rug Show – Jan 9 – 12, 2014 – located in Atlanta, Georgia.

Chemical Free Rug Cleaning – Impacting your health and indoor air quality

Rug manufacturers have been joining organizations such as goodweave which works in ending child labor in carpet weaving communities around the world. In addition, the demand for use of natural fibers such as Bamboo, Sisal and Seagrass has generated a whole new economic opportunity in many parts of the globe. The EPA’s health warnings, and the public health concerns regarding the use of harsh chemicals to clean carpets and area rugs; has also put the spot light on the after-market cleaning processes by rug cleaners.


Hamid Zarei commented

Area rugs act like an air filter, collecting dust, pollen, bacteria and other pollutants. It helps improve indoor air quality; providing proper vacuuming and annual proper professional cleaning. Cleaning of any rug, must be done without the use of harsh chemicals, and pet odors must be removed not masked by industrial deodorizers and perfumes. Your home is not a septic tank for chemicals.”

Azita Goldman commented

“RevitaRUGS, the premier Antique, Oriental, Persian and high end designer area rug cleaning company will be participating exclusively in The Atlanta International Area Rug Market® from January 9th to 12th.”

RevitaRUGS, the leading NYC chemical free rug cleaning company, started in Italy, where handmade rugs were the staple of every stylish home. In order to preserve the fine quality of these rugs and insure the health and safety of their owners, the company’s founder Hamid Zarei developed a new way to care for fine and antique rugs. Utilizing an innovative technology that restores life and revitalizes the rugs with ultra-purified water and pure organic additives, Zarei’s method even handles the most delicate silk, viscose, natural fibers, Persian, and Oriental rug with ease. RevitaRUGS has been serving the New York Metro area with excellent praises from the rug merchants and consumers alike. RevitaRUGS not only cleans but revitalizes and restores rugs, purging them of dirt, bacteria, dust mites, allergens, stains, odors and chemicals, and removes the toxic residue left by previous rug cleaners.


Hamid Zarei, the founder and owner of revitaRUGS, and Azita Goldman, VP Business Development, are enthusiastic about attending the AmericasMart, Atlanta once again and re-connecting with their customers. More information about revitaRUGS can be found at


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RevitaRUGS has a lifelong commitment to the care of rugs and the customers who own them. Over 20 years ago, our founder Hamid Zarei, whose eye for textiles and his firm commitment to outstanding customer service propelled him to the forefront of Italian interior design, realized that the process of cleaning fine rugs had been largely unchanged and unimproved for centuries. In response, he created a new way to care for fine and delicate rugs, starting with one key ingredient: pure, clean water. Not only were rugs reinvigorated, the process he pioneered protected the air quality and health of the entire home. The beauty—and effectiveness—of our organic wash process also includes dye-free, perfume-free soaps; and quick, efficient drying. Today, we’re proud to bring Europe’s most celebrated way to keep rugs beautiful to your neighborhood. To learn more, we invite you to our website