rnad 12.13 desiger bevelry for the web photo 1 conchis-family-room-juneWhat markets or design centers do you attend?

I go to Houston, Dallas, New York, DCOTA, and many others.  It is always best to see the rug in the setting it is going to be going into, if possible, as their colors change with the lighting in the room. You need to consider the fact that there is a dark side and a light side to a rug, as well as possibly some abrash.

Do you use the computer to learn about a rug?

I use the computer for lots of reasons. I like to show my client an example of what type of rug I am thinking about. It is also a good way to learn what the clients’ preferences are. I also use the computer to teach my IDCEC approved Continuing Education classes – I offer both live classes and recorded on demand Webinars, which are online classes that you can watch and listen to any time that suits your schedule. If you need Continuing Education, please go to my website www.InteriorDesign-ED.com and see what amazing classes I am offering on rugs and interior design. InteriorDesign-ED has 35 Recorded on Demand Webinars that you can take anytime and anywhere to suit your schedule.

What feature in the rug is most important to you?

The rug must blend with the room. It may be a perfectly beautiful rug, but if it doesn’t go with the rest of the room (wrong style or color)  then it can’t be used. I believe the rug should be picked first if possible. That doesn’t always happen, but ideally it should be that way. Pick the sofa to the rug and not the other way around. Stylewise, I love Oushaks and some of the new Tibetan rugs. I even love some of the less popular ones, like a Nain and a Tabriz.

Do you purchase a custom rug often?

I love a custom rug, but don’t buy them very often. The client must have the wherewithal to do so. Sometimes I order custom to be certain that the color size and style will blend.


Do you have a particular trick to bring a dull room to life?

A shot of color will add a lot. It can be a piece of furniture that is suddenly painted a wild color, a pillow, a rug or an unusual antique.

Can you offer any suggestion to rug dealers?

One suggestion would be to try to keep up better with this year’s fabric colors. That of course is hard to do, but it is important. Another suggestion is to offer more variety in more sizes. If you need a 12’ x 14’ rug, there may only be two in that size, although in the 5’ x 8’ there are 35 from which to choose.

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