Shaw Industries Group has provided fabulous new flooring in Grand Central Terminal’s Holiday Fair in Vanderbilt Hall!

Housed within one of the busiest buildings on Earth, the Fair, which will run through December 24th, attracts at least one million visitors per day during its six week duration.  The flooring scheme which Shaw Floors has designed and installed provides multiple purposes – beautifully. It not only protects the 100-year-old marble flooring of Manhattan’s iconic treasure, but it protects the vendors and visitors alike from messes and weather (mess & weather being one and the same during winter in New York City).

A significant number of the 76 participating vendors remarked how Shaw’s flooring is infinitely more forgiving to their bodies throughout the long day.  Additionally, the acoustic nature of the space is noticeably softened, making vendor-customer communication much more pleasant.  Shaw Floors installed a combination of products. From the Epic Legends Collection, the handsome, eco-friendly Hudson Bay hardwood floors and their Soft Collection area rugs line the hallway from the main Terminal:



A combination of Shaw’s Park Avenue resilient plank flooring and their highly durable Design Details carpeting in Grand Central Red run throughout the Vanderbilt Hall’s aisles of holiday shops:


Additionally, for the opening of the event, Shaw created an elegant, Art Deco duplicate of the 20th Century Limited “Red Carpet” – Grand Central being the place of origin to that symbol.


(Imagine being escorted to your private car on this, steamer trunk following.)

As a designer, I am too often guilty of ignoring comfort, practicality and durability to aesthetics. Having seen and experienced what Shaw Floors has provided to the Holiday Fair and heard the vendors’ resounding approval, I’ve definitely learned it does not necessarily have to be a choice.

Shaw Industries has tons of attractive products to choose from, tile, carpet, hardwood, resilient plank – which can stand up to the GCT’s Holiday Fair and look good in the process.  Moreover, they are a socially, environmentally responsible company with a most impressive compliment of knowledgable, polite staff.