What markets or design centers do you attend  rnad 11.13 for the web david pic 2 rug 4regularly?

I am lucky to live in Houston.  We have two great design centers locally: the Decorative Center of Houston and the Houston Design Center, where I have had an office for fifteen years.

Do you use the computer for any aspect of learning about or buying a rug?

Luckily I have brilliant friends, Dr. Medhi Abedi, Professor of Cultural Anthropology at Rice University along with his colleague Dr. Lisa Slappey (both of Pride of Persia Rugs, Houston) who are experts in antique carpets.  I rely on their expertise on all things regarding antique or semi-antique carpets.  Along with Carol Piper of Carol Piper Rugs in Houston and James French of Beauvais in New York.  Their passion is boundless as is their knowledge.  I trust them implicitly.

What feature in the rug is most important to you?
Honestly, the most important aspect of the rug varies from project to project.  In some projects, color is paramount.  In others, pattern is the most important detail.  In still others, value is the main concern.

How often do you purchase a custom rug and why?

I use an area carpet in nearly every single room, as I never use carpet wall-to-wall.  Many people still do, but I prefer the layered luxury of a beautiful area carpet over stone or wood.  It’s warmer, and the area carpet can be cleaned more regularly.  The overall effect is more pleasing in my opinion.


Do you have any favorite style or fiber of rug?

I rarely use rugs made of synthetic fibers with the exception of outdoor rugs.

Do you have any particular tricks to bring a dull room to life?

Paint is always a very cost effective way to bring a dull room to life.  Lighting is VERY important.  Compact fluorescent bulbs should NEVER be used in a residence.  Leave those in the office if you must, although LED bulbs are more efficient and the color and the Kelvin temperature are much better.  One must use different sources of light, avoiding overhead at all costs (except recessed lighting for accent purposes).

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