What markets or design centers do you attend regularly?

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I have been a frequent attendee of the High Point Market over the last 30 years, usually going to the Spring Market.  Many of our best contacts for area rug manufacturers have started there.  However, I work with independent manufacturers as well for many of the antique rugs or custom requirements I need for projects.  The NY/NJ Metropolitan area has many wonderful resources as well.

Do you have a favorite source for rugs?

I work with many manufacturers and particularly like Davis & Davis, J. Herbro, and Delos.

What feature in the rug is most important to you?

Of the many important factors, there are a few that stand out.  Being able to produce an area rug to the size specifications we need is very important. The colors and quality of the wool being used is also important. Most of all is the design of the rug, whether we use one that the company carries or design our own.

How often do you purchase a custom rug?

We probably use an area rug or several in most of our projects today.  Our clients are health conscious and believe that a wood or tile floor is better for them. However, as designers we know that an area rug will take away that hollow sound and anchor a seating arrangement better. When a rug is involved, that is the starting point for color and design and becomes a focal point in the space.


Do you have any suggestions for rug dealers?

for the web rnad 9.13 rona 2 IMG_0048I am quite satisfied with the rug manufacturers I work with. They supply the information we require in a quick and efficient manner and help to provide color poms, sketches, art to scale and sample of the design so we have visuals for our clients.

How can the industry serve designers better?

The industry is on top of the trends in design and seems to develop the patterns we are looking for now. Holding down the cost of manufacture and shipping would be helpful. It takes quite a while to make a rug abroad, and I am grateful for my “Made in the USA” resources.

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Photos courtesy of Peter Rymwid.