What markets or design centers do you attend regularly?

I go to the D & D Building and 200 Lexington Avenue regularly in New York City. However as we are a big firm with a large design staff in Paterson, NJ, most vendors do come to us. I buy a lot from ORICA in Secaucus, NJ, as well.

Do you have a favorite source for buying your rugs?

I like Seldom Seen Designs very much and buy a lot from them. I also do a lot of custom work with Edward Fields.

Do you buy many custom rugs and why?

We are constantly buying custom rugs. I like to pick up colors from more than one room and then have the hallway rug tie it all together by including those colors in the rug. Sometimes I add a border to a wall-to-wall carpet and make it an area rug. Sometimes I have an unusual shape made custom. There are many reasons for buying a custom rug.

What feature in the rug is most important to you?

I am primarily a traditional designer and always get the Persian rugs first and then develop the colors in the room from that. To me the most important feature is that they feel “warm and inviting.” That is very important to me and is the mood I am trying to create for the client.


Are there any suggestions for rug dealers that you would like to make?

Well, I think if they could be a bit more flexible and then listen to me more closely, that would help. Instead of just trying to sell what inventory they have, perhaps they could listen closely to my needs and be my partner in the quest. I will buy a rug if I can find what I need. That is not the problem, but if they would just hear what I said, that would make the task easier.

What specifically can a dealer do to be most helpful?

It is most helpful when the dealer knows his inventory and the market well. Then when I specify what I need, or am looking for, he/she can come up with a solution easily, and we can go forward quickly.

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