What markets or design centers do you attend regularly?

rnad 4.13 for the web Lynda Onthank photo 1 Des -Swa-  ER  Client Photo 10-09 014I go to the Boston Design Center regularly to find what I need. As I have jobs in both commercial and residential, I also go the the Hospitality Markets in New York, Las Vegas and Miami.

Do you have a favorite source for rugs?

I particularly like Landry & Arcari of Boston and Salem, Mass. I also like Stark Carpet and Durkan Commercial Carpet. They are very good on service and have the expertise I need. Landry & Arcari are always helpful with installations.

What features in the rug are important to you?

I particularly like Tibetan rugs, because of their strong geometric and tribal designs. They add a lot to the room.

Do you have any design rules that you particularly like to follow or perhaps to break?

Actually I don’t like to follow any design rules. I look for scale and pattern, to vary the space and mix the style and periods. I aim to do what is best for the client and go in that direction for what they are seeking.

Do you purchase many custom rugs?


Just about every job I have includes some custom rugs, even if it is just for the needed size or a specific color. A Tibetan can be ordered to a requested size and the pattern will be adjusted for the size. In the hospitality end of the business, all rugs are custom. I am always choosing whatever is best for my client. Therefore, other than a preference for a Tibetan rug, I don’t have a favorite style or fiber.

What about the internet and the computer?

Actually I don’t buy much online. I prefer my own purchase orders and find that I can follow up on that easier. I use the internet, so as not to fall behind and be current in the marketplace. I very much like having a library of materials.  Although design libraries are slowly becoming a thing of the past, having a design library is important to me.

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