What markets or design centers do you attend regularly?

rnad 3.13 for the web donna photo 2DSCF1343_1I have gone to the Houston Design Center and the Decorative Center Houston for many, many years. We have some wonderful dealers there, who are always very helpful. I also go to the Dallas Market Trade Center.

Do you have a favorite source for buying your rugs?

There are some dealers that I really like to work with: Emmet Perry & Co., (See photo below from Villa Deluxe Preservation Showroom rug which was loaned by Emmet Perry)  Goravanchi Co Persian Rugs, Lucky Gem Import (LGI), Shezan, Stark Carpets and Abraham’s Oriental Rugs, (See photo to the right from Abraham’s of Woodland Bedroom). I highly value the customer service they give me.

What feature in the rug is most important to you?

The product obviously is important, but more than anything else, design and colorway come first, and then the quality of the rug. Quality is third. The rug must fit into the plan. Is it something that will work in the space? I always want fine quality, but only after the design and colorway criteria is met.

Do you have a favorite style or fiber of rug?

I love a fine knotted, handmade rug. I will only use a machine made rug if the budget is tight. I have been buying Karastan rugs for 25 years and enjoy the quality of their rugs. With my clientele, I seldom use real antiques, only occasionally.


What about a custom rug?

I may go for two years and have no custom rugs. This is driven by the job and the client. Then suddenly I have a number of custom rugs to order. Of course I am talking about a fully made hand knotted custom rug, not just a rug bound in a special color for a specific size of rug.

Do you have any design rules you specifically like to follow or perhaps to break?

No, I seek to make the room warm and inviting. The design decisions are necessarily driven by the job at hand. As I have been designing for 42 years now, I just follow by honed eye. I can narrow down the choice of a rug to just one or two rugs very quickly and usually that is “spot on.” One of those will work in the space.

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