What markets do you regularly attend?

I go to the Dallas Market and the Dallas Design Center.

Do you have a favorite source for buying your rugs?

I love working with Fabrica. Their rugs can be completely customized—size, shape, color, fiber, pattern. They have so many great options, especially for a designer.

What feature is most important in a rug  to you?

It’s hard to narrow down to only one feature. Of course color, pattern and texture are hugely important. But none of that matters if the quality of the rug is not exceptional.  Quality has to be there, or nothing else really matters.

How often do you purchase a custom rug and why?

In my designs, the rug usually anchors the space, pulls it together, defines it. Of course, there are always exceptions, projects in which for some reason a rug is not really appropriate. But, typically, I use custom rugs in almost all my projects.


Do you have a favorite style or fiber of area rug?

I love using wool for a rug, because of its softness and durability. Having said that, a wool rug will not work for every project. The fiber as well as other parts of the rug design really have to be customized to the needs of each specific project.

Are there any design rules you like to follow or break?

There are many rules to follow – most of the time.  And most of those rules can be broken – some of the time. I know that sounds like a trick answer, but it really isn’t. The secret is knowing when to adhere to the rules and when you can break them, and again, it’s really all about the specific project.  Breaking a rule shouldn’t ever be done just for the sake of doing it – but if breaking that rule enhances and furthers the overall goals of the project as a whole, I say, go for it.

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