MommyCon 01MommyCon Austin: over 300 parents and 100 kids tread across Liora Manné and Trans-Ocean Rugs.

All saying the same things — “wow,” “wonderful,” “we didn’t know there were such beautiful kid-friendly rugs available that an adult would also like.”

MommyCon has three events left expecting to have 300-400 parents attending — Philadelphia, Portland and Kansas City — and one event in Los Angeles with over 1,000 parents attending.

For six months, we have been talking about niche marketing, getting involved with the community. Here it is folks: the opportunity to work with and share with parents — your rugs.


TMommyCon 02he touch, the feel, the understanding of why the rug was made the way it was. The best kind of focus group, adults and children enjoying a rug. In the last six months, this one event has gone to 4 different cities and had over 1,000 parents attend. In the next six months, four more cities, and over 2,000 parents are going to attend.

MommyCon is just one example, one niche that we are trying to help introduce rugs: the beauty of rugs, to families. Rug News andDesign wants to help rug companies and retailers find ways to reach out to the consumer and share the passion for rugs. Please email Sarah Stroh, andDesign Editor, with questions about how to get involved locally as a retailer, or nationally as a wholesaler. Wholesalers, remember, this is an opportunity to support your bricks and mortar retailers.

MommyCon 03