The Art Day Project

TORONTO, ON – June 10, 2013: On the eve of World Day Against Child Labour (June 12, 2013), Toronto-based fair trade design firm Creative Matters announced that it will celebrate its 25th anniversary year by mounting The Art Day Project to “celebrate and demystify the art of rug design and fair trade weaving.” In mounting this ambitious project, Creative Matters will partner with the Textile Museum of Canada (, as well as international non-profit organization Label STEP which encourages fair trade within the carpet industry by eliminating abusive child labour, improving working and living conditions for carpet weavers and promoting environmentally friendly production methods (

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with the Textile Museum of Canada and Label STEP to make The Art Day Project a reality. Our hope is to demystify and raise awareness for the life-enhancing benefits of creative design and ethical fair trade production methods, which include the elimination of child labour in the carpet industry,” said Carol Sebert, co-founder and director of Creative Matters. “I can’t think of a more meaningful way for our team to contribute at home and abroad in our 25th year.”

The Art Day Project will kick off at TMC in late November 2013 with a mix of hands-on workshops for art and design students, a member lecture and a multi media display of the process of carpet making. Creative Matters designers will use artwork created by workshop participants as inspiration for several original rug designs which will be entered into the firm’s first-ever Art Day competition. Members of the public will be invited to judge the creations online in the weeks following the events at TMC. The winning design will be hand woven by Creative Matters artisans in Nepal into a beautiful 6’ x 8’ rug (valued at $5,000) and donated to Label STEP for their awareness-building and fund-raising purposes. The public will be able to follow the rug weaving via Creative Matters’ popular Narrative Threads blog ( Completion of the rug is expected in mid-2014. More details will be available at in the coming months.


The International Labour Organization (ILO) launched the first World Day Against Child Labour in 2002 as a way to highlight the plight of working children. Observed on June 12th, the day is intended to serve as a catalyst for the growing worldwide movement against child labour ( Fair trade carpets and rugs supplied by licensees of Label STEP, such as Creative Matters, ensure that no child labour has been used in the carpet weaving process. Consumers are encouraged to inquire about the conditions under which handmade rugs and carpets are made before making a purchasing decision.

Established in 1988, Creative Matters designs and creates custom fair trade floor and wallcoverings. With rugs and carpets in more than 40 countries, Creative Matters’ international clientele range from such luxury retailers as Gucci, Tom Ford and Louis Vuitton to hotels, corporate offices, private homes, and diplomatic residences and embassies worldwide. Creative Matters proudly supports Label STEP, an international organization committed to fighting abusive child labour, improving the working and living conditions of carpet weavers and promoting environmentally friendly production methods.

Charcoal and Wax
Charcoal and wax are just some of the materials Creative Matters’ designers use in their unique Art Day rug design process.
An artisan weaver works on Creative Matters' Art Day Collection, 701 design.
An artisan weaver works on Creative Matters’ Art Day Collection, 701 design.

Label StepFair trade advocacy organization, Label STEP, ensures that Creative Matters’ Nepalese rugs are woven by adult weavers, working under good conditions and making a fair wage.



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