Raspberry from Loloi's Eliza Collection
Raspberry from Loloi’s Eliza Collection

DALLAS (April 2013) ― With more than 21 new collections on display at High Point, Loloi Rugs is setting the stage for a fashionable Market. Offering rugs with a range of styles, patterns, colors and constructions, these new collections are on display April 20-25 in the IHFC, D320 during High Point Market. The collections debuting include:

Luna- Hand made in India, the Luna Collection adds an instant burst of color to any space in need of a little pick me up. Each durrie piece is artfully hand-woven of jewel toned viscose and soft cotton – an intriguing combination that juxtaposes vibrant colors with subtle tones in a micro checkered pattern.

Persie- Hand-tufted in India, the 100 percent New Zealand wool Persie Collection adds a captivating element of texture through a brilliant fusion of looped yarn and cut pile. To counterbalance the attention grabbing texture, its subtle tonal colors ensure seamless integration with virtually any decor.

Circa-The hand-tufted Circa Collection from China breathes new life into out-of-date interiors with a series of simple, tonal designs. Available in a range of sophisticated neutral hues and bright colors, these 100 percent polyester rugs have just a hint of shimmer for a polished finish that earns notice without being overbearing.


Stella-Dress up your floor with the fashionable Stella Collection from India. Stella cleverly integrates refurbished sari silk dresses with looped wool for an overall look that’s striking as a model on the runway. And with several gorgeous color choices to choose from, it’s easy to find the piece that matches your style.

Avanti- Power loomed in China of 100 percent polyester, this collection includes vintage-inspired rugs with an incredibly soft microfiber surface. The intentionally distressed patterns create a weathered look that simultaneously implies heritage and modernity.

LOLOI_Sahara_SJ-08-MediterraneanBaxter-Hand-tufted in India of 100 percent wool, every rug in this collection strategically exposes a cotton canvas backing. This allows the raised wool pattern to really pop against the contrastingly low canvas backing, ultimately creating a heightened sense of dimension. Baxter’s designs are beautifully colored and feature a range of ivory, beige, blue, sage and rust tones.

Escape- Hand woven of 100 percent wool in India, this collection resembles traditional Moroccan style flat weaves with a contemporary twist. These colorful flat-weaves are over-tufted with space-dyed wool, which gradates the colors for a stylish finish that commands attention. The wool construction is highly durable, making it ideal for rooms with plenty of foot traffic.

Hadley- This eco-friendly collection of 100 percent undyed wool, loom-knotted in India, presents a natural beauty expressed in an understated fashion. The cut pile and loop combination adds a distinctive texture to these durable designs, while the muted colors fit easily with a variety of interior styles.

Happy Shag-Hand-tufted in China of 100 percent polyester, this collection showcases a variety of neutral and vibrantly colored shags with a cushiony feel underfoot.

Laurent- Hand-knotted of 100 percent wool from India, this collection features a series of soumak rugs that add a touch of casual elegance to traditional and transitional rooms alike. Available in a series of hand-dyed earthy colors, it presents a combination of a well textured surface with updated traditional designs.

Madison- Hand-hooked of 100 percent wool from India, this collection reinterprets traditional pattern motifs into an open, transitional design that flows effortlessly throughout the rugs. The yarn is meticulously hand-dyed, resulting in a series of on-trend colors ranging from homey rust red and olive colors to exotic spice and gold hues. Its chunky loop construction has a welcoming, knobby feel underfoot, making it an ideal combination of design, color and texture.

Mason Shag- Hand-tufted in India of 100 percent polyester, this collection offers an irresistibly soft feel. Available in a multitude of on-trend colors, it instantly adds comfort and style to a family room, bedside and more – all at an affordable price.

Mirage-Hand-knotted in India of 100 percent bamboo silk, this is modern elegance at its finest. Its defining characteristic is its luxurious sheen, which creates the illusion of pattern fading in and out when viewing from different angles.

Morrow-Hand-knotted in India of 100 percent hand-dyed New Zealand wool, this collection marries classic traditional patterns with a highly durable construction.

Muse- Hand-woven in India of 100 percent wool, its defining characteristic include a hand-embroidered pattern, which adds a visual interest to modern designs. The hand-embroidered finish is space-dyed which creates lush color gradations throughout the surface of this impressive flat-weave collection.

Eliza Shag- Made from repurposed polyester fabric, which is hand dipped into rich dye lots and then hand woven together in India. The result is gorgeous colors – serene ocean blue, warm paprika, and elegant ivory – and a fun ruffled texture that uplifts the entire mood of your room.

Olin Shag- Hand tufted in India, the Olin Shag bundles thick twisted yarns together, giving this shag an impressive and durable texture. The polyester yarns receive varied gradations in color achieved through a space-dyeing technique. This gives Olin Shag the right selection of colors that are so lush, they rival high-end wool rugs.

Sahara- From India, the Sahara Collection updates living areas with a fresh take on nomadic, Moroccan inspired rugs. Sahara is hand knotted with two different fibers – jute and wool – the latter forming the ethnic patterns in each design. Available in traditional off-whites and gorgeous blues.

Selma Shag- From India, each rug is hand woven of 100% polyester fabrics that come in rich, eye-catching colors. Best of all is the texture – the polyester fabrics are ruffled with small but impactful ridges in each piece, creating an intriguing look and feel that makes our Selma Shag a stylish statement in any room.

Spirit Shag- The Spirit Collection is the first to really embrace a popular ruffled texture so common in today’s dresses and fashion accessories. From India, these tantalizing tactile rugs are hand woven of ruffled fabrics into concentric rectangles, creating a uniquely layered look. And the nod to fashion doesn’t end there. The polyester fabrics are space dyed which gradates the colors fluidly throughout the rug – like a dip-dyed shirt or sweater. Available in a range of fashion-popping color.

Tempo- The Tempo Collection takes basic block pattern designs to a new level. Made from a soft, felted wool, the rug is hand woven into stripes of panels that add textural interest. And these fibers absorb dyes exceptionally, resulting in colors that are deep, rich, and just the right shade. Made in India.

In addition to showcasing its upscale area-rugs during Market, Loloi will hold its signature Market Party at 5 p.m. Sunday, April 21. Taking place in Loloi’s expansive showroom, the party will feature catered hors d’oeuvres, drinks and the return of rockin’ band Jaxon Jill with its unique renditions of favorite tunes from the ’70s, ’80s, ’90s and today.