Mommies – Babies – Rugs… You’re scratching your head going, “HUH, what do these have in common?”

Simple: Mommies like homes that are nicely decorated. Mommies have babies. Homes should be filled with soft, curl-your-toe-in rugs.

MommyCon 1

Oh and it doesn’t hurt that this blogger is both a mommy and was brought up in, and works in, the rug industry.


Me: a thirty something mom, currently one toddler son, one dog and one allergy ridden husband. Joined the family magazine, Rug News, and with me came the andDesign addition. I love color, fabrics, design in all textiles, especially when the rug stands out or blends in when appropriate. Mix the two together and my mind goes wild with the possibilities of bringing the love of rugs to other families, home décor, and why niche marketing is important.

MommyCon LogoMommyCon: a specialized convention “dedicated to bringing modern parents and mothers-to-be together. Our focus is on natural parenting methods and timeless tidbits.” On average over 250 parents and over 100 babies/toddlers show up at these events. Seminars include everything from home décor of the childrens room, natural parenting techniques, traveling with baby, health of baby and mom. 2013 events: Jan-Vegas, March-Chicago, April-Phoenix, May-Austin, August-Philadelphia, September-Portland, October- Kansas City.

MommyCon 2

The magazine’s involvement:

1. Bringing the world of children’s rugs to these modern parents

2. Helping the parents understand the selection, the simplicity of keeping a rug clean, and what the standards are for safety in a rug.

Liora Manné/TransOcean: The first rug company to get involved in sponsoring MommyCon. As the owners are grandparents and rug owners, they know the importance of well made, pleasing to the eye, and easy to clean rugs to a family home. This is their first time working with MommyCon. They have four rugs that will be touring with MommyCon for 2013. The response in Chicago was amazing. It was said repeatedly “how comfy the rug was to sit on” and “where can I purchase it?” The team at Liora Manné/TransOcean are great in helping customers with their purchases. Head over to to find contact info. Say you saw them at MommyCon or read about them on the Rug News andDesign Niche Market blog.