What markets and design centers do you regularly attend?

High Point and Las Vegas. I will be attending Atlanta soon.

Do you have a favorite style or fiber of rug?

I tend to prefer both shag rugs and natural cowhide patchwork rugs, which are very popular these days. I also like working with wool rugs on certain projects. I offer these rugs in my Modern Home 2 Go showrooms, located in Miami and Fort Lauderdale.

Do you shop online very often?

No, I normally attend the trade shows, or I meet personally with my suppliers. This gives me the opportunity to personally see and touch the rugs.  Feeling the textures is very important when shopping for rugs.

How important is it to you that something be new to the marketplace?

It is very important to me, as new products give you the opportunity to be innovative and creative with my designs. A good place to find new producsts is my website www.modernhome2go.com.


How often do you buy a custom rug and why?

I buy custom rugs very often for my clients, specially the cowhide rugs, which can be ordered in a wide varity of patterns and sizes. For hospitality projects, I normally order special sizes and specific colors to better suit my design schemes.

Are there any design rules you particularly like to follow or to break?

I like to follow the basic rules of interior design. I normally prefer asymmetrical over symmetrical balance. I like to design spaces by implementing the correct scale, proportion, colors and textures, which ultimately will provide harmony to any decor.

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