Alen Kelati, from Smarts Corp, a rug software provider, shared with us his story of powering his house and charging cellphones during the Sandy storm outage simply by connecting his new Hybrogenerator device to his car by jumper cables.

Hybrogen charging via solar panel.

After seven days of keeping his refrigerators running, the sump pump powered, and some lights, and also being a phone charging center for the neighborhood, he figured he used just seven gallons of gasoline.

Hybrogen just before Hurricane Sandy, ready for the storm. Its in pre- hybrid mode‚ which means all the connections are made, but one last switch needs to be flipped for it to actually draw power from the Prius.

The product is called a “Hybrogen.” It consists of a battery, power inverter, dials and devices to smooth the current and measure power consumption, along with a solar array to use sunlight to recharge the battery when used as a stand alone not connected to a hybrid car.

In Standalone mode (Providing temporary power without being connected to the Prius). Note the 110V connections.

The principal is simple, when the batteries run down, the car goes to gasoline mode. When the batteries are recharged, the car goes back to battery mode. It all works without the wheels turning.


We used 7 gallons of gasoline for 7 days of relatively heavy use. I still had 164 miles to empty in the Prius, and it could have provided me with probably 3 more days of power, after which all I had to do was to go to the gas station and fill up.

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Twitter: @hybrogen

Extremely portable. During the outage, I took it to the community bonfire to help residents charge their cellphones/laptops. Provided 12 110V connections for people to use. So in effect, if my mom in queens loses power, I can bring her emergency power.