What are your criteria for choosing a floor covering?

Typically, we consult with the client to determine the style of floor covering desired. My favorite area rugs are from the Tibetan area. The weavers are highly skilled and the yarns are exceptionally strong. I enjoy working with both silk, wool and wool blends. In new construction or a total remodel, color is one of the first selections I make. Otherwise, I start with a design preference based upon the existing furnishings, and end with fine tuning of the color as the final design aspect.

How often do you purchase a custom rug?

A custom rug is a special purchase and for those clients who are willing to invest in one.  The area rug in the photo was designed with Julie Dasher of Julie Dasher Rugs for the 2012 ASID Showcase Home Library. We wanted to have a round area rug to compliment the zodiac pendant light and reflect the original character of this stately Victorian Home of Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis. After the rug was placed in the Library, the homeowner commented on how happy the area rug made him.

What markets or design centers do you regularly attend?

I regularly attend the Chicago Design Center and the International Market Square in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Presentations are also offered at my local showrooms (Cyrus Rugs and Navab Brothers).

Do you shop online or use catalogs?

Yes to both. As the technology of the world changes and the markets become available to the general public, one must be knowledgeable of all markets, direct and indirect. I prefer to use my local showrooms as design is a tactile and visual experience. I bring the samples to my clients’ home, so we can view the product with their furnishings and in the light of their home. We review the sizes in the catalog and then are able to make knowledgeable decisions on what to order.


Are there any design rules you specifically like to follow or specifically like to break?

Yes to both. I prefer to have the design complement the architectural style of the home. The surprise comes from blending unexpected colors to “wow” both the client and their guests.

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