Photo: Jacob Colie/Mercy Corps

James Opie, makes exceptional rugs, not a lot of them, but exceptional ones.

In response to a David Brooks column and invitation in October 2011, he wrote his Life Report which Brooks defined as “an autobiographical essay evaluating our own lives.”

I (Leslie Stroh, Sr. Editor for Rug News andDesign) came across it as I too am leaving for Big Sur in California for a family wedding, although we will have had different experiences there.

Opie is the author of two books, Tribal Rugs of Southern Persia, and a broader themed book Tribal Rugs. It is the latter that he credits for providing him with the money to expand his rug business.


The essay is consistent with my observations of a man I don’t know all that well, but for whom I have the greatest respect because his character is embodied by the rugs he makes.

While it won’t help you sell a single rug, it will help you understand what drives some people to make great rugs.

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