What markets do you attend?

Two of my favorites are the San Francisco and the Los Angeles markets. Both are in beautiful cities, and there is a sense of discovery when I go there, an element of relaxed living that inspires me. I also like to go to Miami and the Design Center there, and in New York City the D&D Building. With jobs all over, I love to just pop in to see what is new, exciting, and available.

What is a favorite source for rugs?

I am the curator for an interactive website, www.AltogetherHome.com, and primarily I get my rugs through these sources, both for myself and clients. This site is, in many ways, a melting pot for home décor products, design advice, inspiration, furniture trends and more.

What is your favorite style or fiber of rug?

The bulk of what I buy is wool and silk–for the softness and durability, as well as the glamour of silk. I love the sheen with silk.  Lately I have fallen in love with natural hemp with a little bit of silk, or even linen with silk.


Do you often use the internet?

Absolutely. The web and internet are a necessity.  However, there is access to so much information nowadays that the results can be overwhelming, and even confusing, to people. That is partially why I started to partner with and share my expertise on AltogetherHome.com; so I could focus on design and help to connect the dots for people. AltogetherHome.com consolidates design information in one place and makes it easy. I believe that good design principles are universal and that anyone can learn to create beautiful, personal spaces, Take a look at AltogetherHome.com and see for yourself!

Do you follow any design rules? Or break any in particular?

To me the size of the rug is very important.  If a rug is too small, it can make the room look puny. I also like for the front legs of the furniture at least to sit on a rug—not necessarily the back legs, but at least the front legs. A rug can provide the connection from patterns to solids. I love haphazard solids scattered about with pillows and accessories. The rug can provide the connection with it all and keep the design together.  A little pattern here and there can keep things interesting and not too staid.

Want to see more? Go to www.AltogetherHome.com.