What markets do you attend?

I attend the Atlanta and High Point markets regularly, and visit The Atlanta Decorative Arts Center (ADAC) all the time, as well as the shops of Miami Circle Market Center.

Do you have a favorite style or fiber?

The project program and rug application will help me determine the rug style and fiber. I design a lot of rustic and country homes in resort and mountain areas, so I use wool as much as I can.  These are often second homes with kids, animals, and high use, so the fiber needs to be durable, which wool is. I particularly like hand knotted, 100% wool rugs, which perform under years of use. These rugs are also available in lots of designs, colors and their price points are great. Occasionally I incorporate antique Orientals.  Many of my clients bring antique Oriental rugs they already own to their new homes, which we love to incorporate and work around. A rug can neutralize and soften, or it can accentuate and strengthen.With the mountain homes, we may incorporate themes relating to the local area. With these I select rugs with images, or perhaps Indian or Southwestern patterns or motifs. Several manufacturers make great themed accent rugs, such as Michaelian Home or Chandlers 4 Corners. Many times I incorporate natural animal hides, and love those from Yerra Rug and B&S Trading in Texas. Yerra has great designs for sewn and patterned natural hide rugs.

Do you purchase a custom rug often?

Custom Rugs are a great way to personalize a design, creating a “one-of-a-kind” space special for the client. I design both commercial and residential and have designed quite a few custom rugs in the past for both markets. Lacey Champion and Eve Oxford are two companies I particularly like for custom work.

Do you have any design rules you particularly like or any you like to break?

I was trained on and brought up in the more classical work of architecture, which was full of rules.  Today we are mixing rules, blending styles, “re-purposing” spaces, mixing old, new, traditional, contemporary, rustic and refined in the same spaces. It is a time to flex our design muscles and put old rules aside to create new, eclectic and refreshing designs.


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